Thank you!! This product has truly been a life saver for me. I have dealt with reoccurring BV since I had my daughter 20 years ago. My team of doctors have prescribed me everything you can think of, and nothing has helped keep it at bay. It would always come back a week after I finished the meds. I did the seven day treatment with your product 3 week ago, and I have not had a problem since. I figured it would be best to keep some in stock! Thank you for creating a product that works.   Amoy  


I am glad you were able to get back up and running. Kalao is a great product for me because I suffer from reoccurring BV, which I believe made it hard for me to conceive and I believe using your product made it happen. So I will continue to support. Good Luck!  ~ Happy New Mom 


Their products work good!!! Smelling like brown sugar and feel clean inside and the product are all natural. That’s a win-win _ Denise Johnson  


This is the best product ever. I will be ordering from here again. ~ Genise Brown 

This is a really great productsuper fast shipping. Happy about the relaunch! ~ Annie Marie Nelson 

 First I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sorry it took me so long to email you back i don’t get all my emails due to lack of storage. I’m really amazed at this product you’ve created it seems like magic to me. I known about your product for at least 2 yrs and finally decided to take a chance. I’ve been to the doctor so many times and on so many different antibiotics. Nothing ever worked my symptoms would be back within a few months. I’m living care free right now no excessive discharge no itching or discomfort and most importantly NO SMELL!!!!!!! The smell of this product is amazing it smells like brown sugar literally. I’m shocked I really am I’ve been dealing with this for years now and still no smell. I feel so free I feel so clean I could cry if you’ve known what I been through these past years you would understand my excitement. I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The customer service you gave me was beyond your job I thank you so much you have a loyal customer for life!!!!!  Sent from my iPhone ~ Alexandria  


Thanks for getting back to me! I have had chronic issues in the past and recently have been having issues with no positive laboratory findings so I purchased this product again in hopes that it would help me. I tell all my friends with vaginas about it because it’s truly wonderful! I have even recommend to my gynecologist to tell her other patients that suffer from infections that want a natural course of treatment that actually works!  Once again, I can’t thank you enough for coming out with such an amazing treatment. I’ll be stocking up soon.  Best,  Megan  


Hi I love this product still have quite a few leave back so waiting for it to finish to buy more 😁😁😁 ~ Maressa 


I absolutely love your product and will continue to be a loyal customer. I plan to place my next order shortly. Thank you for reaching out and I appreciate your customer service and support. Kalao has changed my life and I am happy that there is finally a natural product that actually works! Although it is a little pricey,It is well worth the investment! Thank you!! ~Melanie  


Kalao is Life Changing. So excited it’s back and have ordered many! I am a big supporter and promoter. Have shared this excellent product news with friends, family and medical professionals. Extremely Pleased!!!   Sent from my iPhone 


This product makes me feel refreshed! ~ Shone 


Thank u so much I really appreciate you and your wonderful life changing product!!!! ~ Naya  


Thank you soooooo much!! I received my order on today.. I love this AWESOME product!!!!   ~Tara (forever customer) 


“Thank you guys!  Awesome product!  Don’t sweat the haters!   I’ve had a battle with BV for years and this is the only product that helps me.  Thank you guys, you are pioneers in this sector of woman’s health! So a million thanks!”   

~happy anonymous user 


“Hey I just received my Kalao sample & I'm in love, I just wish there where more! I felt refreshed & my boyfriend love how down there felt.  Wish I could get some more samples.  I do recommend this and I will be ordering soon.” ~Natalie 


“I have to say, I love this stuff!  I used to get BV and ever since I used Kalao it hasn’t come back.  I also love is using it after my period.  My period didn’t linger and I can go without using a panty liner because I’m so clean and fresh!  I used to always wear a panty liner even when I didn’t have my period but now I don’t have to.  I love that this stuff is all natural!   When speaking to my doctor he was talking about a particular ingredient to help with BV and this product actually has that ingredient no wonder I’m all fresh.  I’m honestly so glad this product came out!  I never want to be without it.  I keep my product on my shelf.  Oh another thing that’s super cool is that it’s smells sugary!  It’s not all chemical like or anything.  When you ladies order and use it the first time, you will see what I’m talking about.  Thank you!”  ~Tina 


“Omg, I absolutely loved it!  Definitely ordering it again. Thank you so much!”  ~Dyllan 


“I loved the product.  I really loved how fast the results were.  I still have more and when it’s all done I will be buying more that’s for sure. Thank you again!”  ~Guerline 


“I absolutely love it!  You definitely have my business!”  ~Lauren 


“It was great…  I had an imbalance taking too many amoxicillin and antibiotics.  By changing what I eat along with using Kalao everything great.  Going to be reordering soon.”  ~Jasmine 


“Oh! Hey!  Everything is good.  It works amazingly!  I will be reordering soon!” ~Alexxis 


“Hey, I loved it!  It worked really well.  I need to order another pack, great product!”  ~Anna 


“I say the odor of BV is completely GONE!  I see for BV it takes up to 7 days.  Tonight will be my 4th night using.”  ~everythingpebbie 


“I just got my Kalao package in the mail yesterday.  I used it last night.  I cannot wait to let you know about all the positive benefits that’s happening to my body.  I believe your body is your temple.  And I may have just found the answer!!! Every woman who is having feminine issues… Please try this product!!!” I love it!!! Thank you!  I’m getting my friends to order it and I’m ordering another box!  A great purchase 5 stars.  ~mechiaft 


“I’ve been using Kalao for about a month or so now.  I’m a cancer survivor and have been trying to find something healthy and natural that produces a balanced pH.   Along with tightening and preventing most of the issues us women deal with.  I never douched or use any other products before because this area is so delicate.  But this product really works and helps with all issues I was experiencing due to early menopause and having a hysterectomy at an early age. Thank you for a wonderful product!  [Symbol] ”  ~Impurrfectly_chic 


“I would recommend it.  I used it myself this past Tuesday.  Because I was just recovering from a yeast infection it burned being inserted, however all symptoms were gone that night and Thursday night my other half noticed how fresh “she” was and we both noticed how tight it was.  I never told him my secret though, but it really works.   I’d say give yourself a 2-day span for it to take its course and I’ve only used one insert.”  ~Frenchi 


“Hello, I love it and it really works.  Looking forward to ordering more.  My body is prone to BV after having my daughter and I can honestly say after taking those nasty pharmacy pills, which only works for about a month and it comes right back.  Using your product I feel so healthy and confident.  No more BV and no more symptoms of it either.  I’m a happy customer and looking forward to purchase again from you guys.”~Iamshe_26 


“So all my ladies, some of us have had little issues with pH balance of our kitty.  This stuff @kalaoofficial is a gift from the gods! Forget Summers Eve, Rephresh or any of those other products they have on the market, this is definetly what you need! Look it up, you will thank me later!  Trust and believe it works wonders and its inexpensive.”  ~Sam 


“This stuff is AMAZING!  So glad I invested in this little blue box of Kalao that gave me my life back.  For the past 2 years every month on the 3 days following my period it was THE WORST SMELL EVER .  I went to the doctor, their attempts to fix it didn’t work.  So I plugged myself with a tampon for 3 days after my period to plug up the SMELL.  Well I tried your box of goodies and it’s been 2 months and NO MORE funk plugging tampons because that 3 days of misery are over.” 



“Let’s just start with the beginning.  I had been hearing and seeing about your product for several weeks before I finally decided to give it a try, and it was truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  The customer service was immaculate, I had a couple of questions and I received a responce through email instantly…  I don’t think I’ve had customer service that great anywhere.  Lastly, Kalao itself...  I’ve never felt so fresh!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. ~Skyy 


“I promised to get back to you once I tried the products.  Love them!  I just placed my order!  You have a customer for life and I’ve told all of my girlfriends about Kalao.  I love the confidence it gives me and how fresh I felt after my cycle.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try Kalao!”  ~Lorraine 


THIS STUFF RIGHT HERE, WOW!!!  Product is Amazing!!  Exceeded my expectations, you guys have a new loyal customer.  I’m putting all my girlfriends on to this and I will be placing another order Friday.  It smells amazing!  You know your fresh when bae says “she” smells like an oatmeal cookie.  #kittyonfleek #sofresh&soclean #noworries Thanks,  ~happy anonymous user 


Hi I just wanted to tell you this product is amazing!! I absolutely love it!  My PH was off a little and my first use of this cleared it right up!  I’m very sensitive and I couldn’t believe I had no reaction to this at all.  I’ve been telling all of my girlfriends about this!  Two of them already ordered and they are addicted, they are ordering more this week and one is ordering this week for the first time.  You have new loyal customers. ~India 



Thank you, thank you, thank you so much is all I have to say.  This product is the truth!  If you haven’t ordered please make this a product to use this 2016.  I’ve stopped using store brand products.  This leaves you feeling fresh and confident night and day.  I’ll be putting in a backup order Friday.  Thank you @kalaoofficial this is a million dollar hit for the ladies.  ~Shebeabouthercheeze79 


Oh my goodness. You are right I am in love. It worked instantly. ~ happy anonymous user 


I am so pleased with your product!  I am very sensitive in general and I usually send things back because of allergic reactions. I was afraid I would have a reaction to Kalao, but that is not the case. I had a reoccurring boil down there and the morning after using Kalao it was gone! I was having some other issues that cleared up immediately.  I even suffer from irregular periods and the day after using the first one I finally had my period! It’s done more than I imagined.   ~happy anonymous user 


Hi, I said I would get back to you on how Kalao worked out for me and here I am.  This stuff is amazing.  It completely cleared me up.  My PH was a little off and this is just what I needed.  I feel clean and fresh down there.  It’s amazing!   ~happy anonymous user 


Thank you soooo much!!  I LOVE this stuff!  You guys are awesome for coming out with such an amazing product!  Every girl should own this!  ~happy anonymous user 


I have to tell you…  The moment you have sex and your man says damn it’s tight!!!  Then moments later he says can you make it not sooo tight… #Kalao 

~happy anonymous user 


I completely forgot to tell you how much the Kalao worked for me.  You guys are amazing.  Thank you so much for bringing this out for girls and women.  You have no idea how much this has changed my life.  I no longer have to go to the hospital for harsh meds.  I will be ordering some more from you guys.  You can use this message for anyone else that’s in doubt.  Ladies this actually works.  It worked for me and I am sticking to this instead of going to the doctors.  Thank you againthis is greatly appreciated!  ~happy anonymous user 


Good Morning, 

I use your product and you can post my review but I want to remain private.  But I use it to balance my PH because I have reoccurring BV.  And I use it after sex or once a week, and it definitely helps me.  It’s better to use at night while your sleep.  But since I’ve used it I haven’t had any odor or BV.  Thanks,  ~happy anonymous user 


Ok I must say I’ve only used two so far and for all the ladies who haven’t used it yet it is definitely a MUST have.  I really love this. XO, ~Vanesha 


Amazing, amazing! I just received mine yesterday and any doubt I had before are long gone!!!  Tried many products before, as well as going to doctor after doctor and still was left with no answer and a odor I was not pleased with.  So I am truly grateful for this product and feeling comfortable and secure. Thanks!  ~Tiara 


Thank you very much.  Your product is wonderful by the way.  And I only used it once for the PH balance.  It has a very sweet smell, like brown sugar.  Thank you.  And your customer service is on point!  Have a Blessed Holiday, ~Sharon 


I must say I haven’t has any traces of BV or yeast since thus far, which is awesome since I have been dealing with these issues for the past 3 years.  You guys should pitch the product to Planned Parenthood.  ~Ninjer 


Good Afternoon, 

I just want to say that these products are essential for every woman and work instantly without masking any odors.  It basically is like wipe out for me because I was only struggling with my PH balance and a few yeast infections from my birth control.  At last Kalao has saved my life and gave me my confidence back.  Y’all should get these products on the shelf for sure. Thank you for giving me my sexy back @Kalaoofficial  ~Janaie 


Loved it!!!  Will be ordering more next week!  ~Brittany 


I just wanted to let you know that I got a package in the email from y’all today.  I was missing one suppository and was sent a total of three additional ones.  I just wanted you to know that I am very very grateful for such awesome and dedicated customer service.  I have also used the product a total of two times now and to say I’m feeling so fresh and clean.  I didn’t have any particular issues to start with but I just wanted a natural product that would teat my kitty right.  You definitely have a returning customer right here. Thanks again so much, ~happy anonymous user 


I received the sample. I actually placed two orders prior to receiving the sample and I really like how refreshed Kalao makes me feel! Thank you!  ~D. James 


I got an email saying you guys are back ! This is greatyou have an amazing product. It worked wonders for me and I reordered a few times. Ashley   Sent from my iPhone 


This news made my Year! A Loved and Trusted Product!!!   XoXo A Loyal Customer  Christine Malin RN BSN   Sent from my iPhone 


Good morning! My name is Porsha and I LOVE it…Sent from my iPhone 

This company previously had closedown but now the company is up and running and better than ever. The customer service has improved and I received my product quick. I definitely feel that this is a great company with a wonderful product and I am truly glad that they are back in business.  ~ Tony