‘Kalao’ means hello to a fresh, more youthful, confident you. Say goodbye to feminine hygiene problems.

It’s our mission to create a movement of women who are in tune with their bodies, and proud of it too. We’re already pretty awesome at eating well, exercising more and keeping up with our beauty routine to feel fabulous inside and out. 
But there’s one vital V-shaped piece of the puzzle missing and it’s holding us back from truly FLOURISHING! 
Your vaginal health is paramount to feeling at your strongest and most beautiful. Being empowered to maintain and enhance your feminine fitness should be celebrated as part of your regular beauty regime.   
Spin class. Daily salads. Smoothing night cream. As women, we are driven to remain sexy and beautiful. But when it comes to our most intimate parts, we feel occasionally helpless. 
If you’ve ever had a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, unwanted odors, or discomfort, you can relate to how irksome these conditions are—and how untreatable. As our founding team discovered the hard way, the typical over-the-counter products are neither natural nor sensual.
At Kalao, we’re changing all of that. We’ve researched and tirelessly tested herbs and botanicals to develop a proprietary blend containing Fenugreek extract, Uva Ursi, White Pond Lily extract, and other core ingredients that are as balancing as they are natural. We shared our results and findings with women across geographies, sectors, and age groups, all with different backgrounds, health profiles, and reproductive experiences. Each experienced a similar miracle—so we made the product available to the public at large. 
And so Kalao was born. Feminine Bloom refers to the flourishing ecosystem of a healthy vagina. By combining various anti-inflammatory, anti-pathogenic, anti-fungal, and antiseptic elements, Kalao helps women battle common issues of vaginal odor, itchiness, dryness, postpartum inelasticity, and excessive discharge. It also serves as an all-natural healing agent for yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Kalao encourages the vagina to restore itself to health. 
Whether you’ve had children (or not), suffer from chronic yeast infections or BV, or just simply want to feel sexy and beautiful down below, Kalao suppositories allow your inner self to thrive. Flaunt what you’ve got—and empower yourself.
Fighting for Women’s Rights
Here at Kalao we fiercely stand for women’s rights to make choices about their bodies, and we contribute a percentage of our profits to the global fight against female genital mutilation and other womens' rights issues around the world. Every time you buy a pack of Kalao you’ll be supporting women.
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